Vale Doris Day :(

On Monday night I went to see a play with my mum, a beautifully written and performed work by another mother/daughter pair, about their relationship and what the future holds for them both. At the end, both performers and audience sang Doris Day’s signature song ‘Que Sera Sera’ together. When I left the performance I received a notification on my phone that Doris Day had passed away. 

I recorded this cover in April. I finish all of my seniors gigs with a singalong to this song, and it’s of course the final song on my new album. 

I tried to give full weight to the lyrics, as they discuss the torch passing from generation to generation, and promote a serene acceptance of everything that is not within our control. 

Doris was more than just an iconic performer with a breathtaking voice. She was a lifelong passionate animal rights champion, a feminist, a domestic abuse survivor and a mum. She will be so missed.

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